Meet the Trustees

The Scheme Trustee is a corporate body that has overall responsibility for the running of the Scheme.

Anything affecting the Scheme as a whole is considered by the Trustee, including:

  • investment beliefs and objectives;
  • valuation outcomes;
  • developments in pensions legislation or regulations;
  • changes to the Scheme rules; and
  • the appointment of advisers.

The Trustee meets at least four times a year, or more often if required, and delegates certain responsibilities to sub-committees.

Below is a brief introduction to the members of the Trustee Board.

Martin Veasey


Martin is a professional trustee writing and working in the corporate and charity sectors. He was appointed as a trustee to the pension scheme in 2017.

He holds the Award in Pension Trusteeship qualification from the Pensions Management Institute and the Investment Management Certificate. Before working in pensions, Martin spent over twenty years working in the areas of banking and investment management.

Ceri Davies


Ceri has worked in the Nuclear Industry since the mid-1980s. 

In addition to gaining broad based experience through a number of operational roles at Sellafield and a range of engineering, commercial and waste management roles within Magnox, he has a degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA.

Ceri is an active member of the ESPS Scheme and has been a member representative Trustee since his initial appointment in 2014. He has re-committed to the role until 2024 (at least) following his recent re-selection.

Fergus Hall


Fergus was elected as a Retired Member Nominated Trustee Director in January 2012. He was Head of Pensions at Magnox until his retirement in July 2011.

Susan Jee (Chairman)


Susan is a non-executive director of Magnox Limited. She is a chartered accountant who retired 10 years ago after being with BNFL for 17 years, latterly as Group Finance Director. She continues to work with the Department of Business on the wind-up of BNFL.

She chairs another pension scheme, is Chair of a local Further Education College and a non-executive director of a Building Society and a small charity.

Susan is chairman of the Magnox Electric Group Trustees.

Paul Bridgeman


Paul started in the Nuclear industry in 1969 at UKAEA Winfrith before joining the CEGB in 1971. He retired in 2011 after working as a Health Physicist, Outage Manager, Head of Maintenance and Production Manager/Plant Manager positions at Hinkley Point A, Berkeley, Oldbury and Dungeness A Power Stations.

Paul was selected as a Trustee from January 2018.

Nick Gore


Nick joined the CEGB in 1971 and spent virtually all of his career in operations. He had spells at Trawsfynydd, Oldbury, Dungeness A and Wylfa nuclear power stations.
Nick retired in 2012 and was appointed a trustee in 2015.

Martin Turner


Martin was appointed as a Retired Member Trustee Director in January 2020 following his retirement in 2013. He has worked in the Electricity Industry (CEGB, Nuclear Electric and Magnox) since 1973 but has had a period of 8 years working in the private sector as a technical consultant.

Within the Industry, Martin has been attached principally to headquarters locations with a number of technical roles but he has also spent time based at power station sites, namely one year at Hartlepool and seven years at Wylfa; his final role was as a Senior Engineering Consultant (Safety Case) at Wylfa. His principal contribution was in providing technical leadership to the projects justifying continued operation of Magnox power stations.

Lisa Thomas


Lisa Thomas joined the Board and the Governance Audit Committee on 1st December 2021.

Lisa is an active member of the Scheme and is based at Wylfa Power Station.

John Nestor


John is an Independent Professional Trustee with more than 14 years' experience as a Professional Trustee.

John was appointed in 2023 and investment is his particular strength, having spent his earlier career in senior Investment Management roles with Henderson, Citi and UBS Global Asset Management. John is accredited as a Professional Trustee by the APPT. 

Alison Hammond


Alison joined NRS in 2019 as Head of Finance and has over 20 years' experience of working in financial roles within a variety of multinational companies.

Alison joined the Board and the Goverance and Audit Committee in January 2023.

Ann Lee


Ann has been with NRS for over 30 years working in various HR roles. 

She is currently the HR Future Missions Lead, and joined the Trustee Board in June 2023. Ann is also an active member of the Scheme and is based at the Bristol Hub.