We all want to provide for our loved ones after we’re gone, so it’s good to know that your Scheme membership includes a valuable lump-sum payment to your beneficiaries if you die before you claim your pension (or within 5 years of receiving your pension or if you retired on the grounds of ill health).

It’s important to complete a Nomination to tell the Trustee who you’d like your beneficiaries to be and how you’d like the payment divided up.

You could choose family members, other significant people in your life, or an organisation such as a club or charity.

Update regularly

You can update your choices at any time by submitting a new Nomination and should do this regularly so the Trustee knows your wishes are up to date. You can do this when you log into your online account.

No inheritance tax

The lump sum is paid at the Trustee’s discretion. It doesn’t form part of your estate and isn’t liable for inheritance tax. The Trustee is not obliged to follow your wishes but will always consider them.

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You can review your Nominations by logging into your online account or by downloading and completing the form below.

You can complete a new Nomination at any time and there is no limit on how many times you can update it. Your most recent Nomination will override any previous forms you have completed.