Pension benefits for members in the Final Salary Sections of the Scheme
Pension benefits

Your membership offers you:

  • An annual pension of up to 50% of your salary, based on your final salary and service, which is payable for life and subject to annual increases
  • A tax-free lump sum, normally equivalent to 3 times your annual pension*
  • A spouse's/civil partner’s pension (or at the Trustees' discretion, a dependant partner's pension) payable from your death
  • Children's allowances payable to any dependant children from your death
  • A lump sum payment of 4 times your pensionable salary (or, if you are married or in a civil partnership, 3 times your salary plus 5 times your annual pension) if you die in service (learn more in the Nominations section
  • An ill-health retirement pension if you are forced to retire early because of ill-health
  • The option to provide extra pension for your dependants in exchange for some of your pension benefits
  • The option to take more cash in exchange for a reduced pension
  • The option to pay additional voluntary contributions to improve your pension benefits at retirement.
  • Access to your own personal online account — register now

* You may be entitled to less if you opted to pay lower contributions in the past.

You can find more information about the benefits of being in the Scheme in your member booklet and the section below.



Find out about the death benefits your loved ones may be entitled to - and how to say where you'd like them to be paid.

Boost your benefits

If you’re currently paying into the Scheme, you could join an additional voluntary contribution (AVC) arrangement to help save more towards your retirement.