Your membership
Your membership

As a member of the Magnox Group of the Electricity Supply Pension Scheme (‘the Scheme’) you’ve already made a great start towards a better retirement.

The Scheme closed to new members in 2007 and has 4 different sections:

  • Atkins Section (formerly Energy Solutions)
  • Cavendish Nuclear Section (formerly Project Services/VT)
  • NNL Section (formerly Nexia Solutions), and
  • SLC Section

All of the sections aim to help you build up an income for when you retire and provide financial protection for your dependants.

The sections are ‘defined benefit’ arrangements – this means you do not have to make any decisions about how your contributions are invested and the Company bears the risks that investments do not perform as well as expected.

Each year, you will receive a Benefit Statement if you are currently paying into the Scheme (‘active’ members), or have left the Scheme but not yet taken your benefits (‘deferred’ members). This will help you keep track of how your pension is building up.

You can learn more about the benefits of being in the Scheme in your member booklet or check out the sections below for information about your membership type.

Register for your online account

Register for your online account today to manage your pension effectively. If you're an active or deferred member, you can:

  • Check the value of your benefits
  • Update your details
  • Request estimates
  • Update your nominations

If you're retired, you can:

  • Keep your nominations up to date (if you've retired within the last 5 years)
  • Update your contact and bank details
  • Check your payslips and P60s

Register for and log into your online account today.


Active members

Information on options and benefits for those who are currently paying into the Scheme.

Deferred members

If you’re no longer paying into the Scheme but aren’t yet receiving your pension, you can find out about your ‘deferred’ benefits, and the options available to you in relation to them, here.


Already retired? Learn more about how your pension increases

Did you know..?

You should complete a Nomination every few years to say where you’d like a cash payment to go if you die before claiming your pension or within 5 years of retirement. This helps the Trustee know your wishes are up to date.