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Welcome to your Magnox pension website!  

The sooner you start planning for your future and understanding your pension benefits, the better! 

If you keep an eye on your pension savings and manage them effectively, you can look forward to retirement, knowing that your expectations are on track. 

The tools and information on this website will also help you learn more about your membership, benefits and options to support you as you approach retirement – and beyond! 

This website is for members of the Magnox Group ESPS only. Magnox Ltd is for employees who have worked in the Nuclear Power Industry. If you did not work in the Nuclear Industry you are unlikely to be a member of the Magnox scheme.  

Information about other Groups of the Electricity Supply Pension Scheme can be obtained from RPMI by emailing


  • 03.07.2020

    Support for pension savers

    Two new sets of guidance have been produced to provide support for pension savers in the times of financial uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. READ MORE »
  • 06.04.2020

    COVID 19 - risk of pension scams

    During this uncertain time members of many pension schemes might look to transfer their pension and they could be targeted by scammers. READ MORE »